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Our Teachers

We pride ourselves on our ability to find and also attract the best music instructors from the Bay Area and beyond. To join the WOW team, a teacher must be truly passionate about the craft and love music. Teaching experience and music knowledge are the baseline - you must know your stuff. Most of our teachers are professional gigging musicians at night, oozing with cred and inspiration for our students. WOW teachers also love to collaborate and share ideas about teaching and jam together. We encourage you to get to know the WOW teaching team.

Anthony Gordon.jpg

Anthony Gordon


Anthony is a third generation Mill Valley native who began his musical journey in third grade and hasn’t stopped since. Anthony's musical muses were realized when he attended Humboldt State University, graduating with a BA in Music with an emphasis on Percussion and Performance. At Humboldt, he learned of his passion for world music including Calypso and West African Dunun styles, while also furthering his skills in contemporary percussion through his teacher Dr. Eugene Novotney.

After graduating, Anthony joined several ensembles including the Mill Valley Philharmonic, Golden Gate Brass Band, and local rock group, The Sonic Steps.  Anthony enjoys teaching music to new students with as much care and attention he received as a youth as well as leading classes in another passion of his, Dungeons and Dragons. He is looking forward to continuing his journey and sharing his extensive knowledge of music to anyone interested in learning.

Baylor Odabashian


Baylor Odabashian is a musician, songwriter, and producer with an interdisciplinary background in many genres and fields. He plays guitar, bass, ukulele, sings, writes songs, programs drum machines, and produces music, bringing 12 years of experience in study and performance. After earning an Interdisciplinary Degree in Anthropology and Music from UC Berkeley in 2016, Baylor explored the life of a gigging musician in Los Angeles before returning to the Bay Area, where he teaches music and lives his life as an independent artist. His songs and recordings have been streamed around the world tens of thousands of times (his most recent release, “State Bird of No One”, can be found on Spotify) and he has dedicated his life to sharing his instrumental and creative passions with students.

Charlie Theobald

Advanced Piano|Keyboards

A Denver, CO native, Charlie made his way to the west coast to pursue music and architecture.  It all started when the family upright piano, dime store classical guitar, and wood recorder drew a young Charlie to bring to life the notes in his head. Two piano teachers and one cassette player later, his first high school band debuted at Stephanie Ryan’s senior party (this was a big deal).  Fast forward through a vast and varied number of bands and recording sessions across the 80’s, 90’s and beyond, he currently entertains the masses in a funk/dance band.  Splitting time between frets and keys, and occasionally a cow bell, he now enjoys a full life in Fairfax with his family, and family of instruments too numerous to mention.

Connor Brogan


Connor was one of the first students to take piano lessons at WOW Music Studios, and after 15 years, he is now a music teacher at the very same studio. Just one year into his lessons, Connor discovered his joy for improvisation and composition. Starting from simple songs made up of 3 chords, he would go on to create complex pieces utilizing all the tools learned throughout his WOW education (and the depths of youtube).

Connor studied Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. Throughout his studies, Connor would constantly encounter music's incredible effect on the human mind from creating bonds to causing neural growth, to playing a key role in Alzheimer's research. Connor would love nothing more than to share the gift of music and all its benefits with a new generation of students.

Elliott Jacobs

Bands|Electronic Music|Recording|Bass


Elliott has played bass, recorded and produced music for over a decade. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Audio Production. Elliott enjoys the crossroads of teaching when a student is having fun and having a-ha moments! When not making music he is working out, spending too much money at restaurants and spending time with family and friends!


Erica Jeski


Acclaimed for her “strong, delicious voice”, Mezzo-Soprano Erica Jeski has established herself as an eclectic performer, active in both the Classical and Rock/Contemporary realms.

Since earning a Bachelor’s in Music in 2013 from the University of Hartford in Connecticut, Erica has performed with Metro West Opera, New York Opera Exchange, Boulder Opera, and countless bands throughout the country (including four Nationwide Tours in the last year with popular bands “Doobie Decibel System” and “Terrapin Flyer w/ Melvin Seals”). In addition to performing, Erica has also consistently taught private lessons and full-classroom Music classes.

Years of classroom/private lesson/performance experience combined with lifelong performing prowess, passionate integrity, and formal training make Erica’s approach to Music Education accessible, entertaining, authentic, relevant, and applicable. 

Jon Nolan


Jon's passion for music began practically from the moment he could talk. His music education took off with the piano at eight years old when he was classically trained in his hometown of Kansas City. He played at churches, retirement homes, and competed in local piano festivals where he won three years consecutively. Over the years, Jon discovered a love for playing by ear and composing his own pieces; he also plays the trumpet, guitar, and euphonium. Jon enjoys sharing his passion and love for the world of music with students of all ages.

Lars Rosager


Lars began his musical journey as an infant, showing a strong passion and skill for singing. After years of playing a wide variety of instruments and genres, Lars earned a Master of Arts in Music from San Francisco State University, diving deep into historically informed relationships between the voice and the guitar. Lars loves opening students’ minds to a wide variety of musical cultures and styles, finding a healthy balance between technical command, creativity and music exploration.  When he’s not teaching you can typically find Lars gardening and/or chilling with his family!

Maddy Toy


As a highly energetic child, Maddy adopted music and performance as forms of emotional and creative expression from an early age. She's spent her life learning to sing, play the piano and guitar, write, and perform, and producing both music and visual arts.


Maddy's focus in her lessons centers around encouraging students to channel their creative energy, passion, and personality into the music.


When she’s not working on music or teaching lessons, you can find Maddy running her online clothing shop. You can check out her music under the name Ha Vay on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as her imaginative, highly visual music videos on YouTube.


Norris Turnridge


Coming from a long line of musicians, Norris has been surrounded by musical sounds since childhood, from his father’s rhythmic footsteps as a drummer at age 6, to his grandfather’s diverse skill on instruments from banjo to the ocherena.


Since age 7, Norris has focused on the guitar, bass and drums, studying with the likes of renowned guitarist Matthew Charles Heulitt, touring with multiple bands, immersing himself in many music genres. Norris regularly writes and produces his own music at home, always striving to grow the connection between life’s happenings and musical expression.

Pablo Quintero


Pablo's passion for music began at the age of five in Bogotá, Colombia, where he was born and eventually began playing the snare drum in his school's marching band. At the age of nine, he took up the drums and guitar.

Pablo earned his Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Bachelor of Music Production and Engineer at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. While there, he formed the bands "La Matilda" and "Los Jitters".  

In 2020, Pablo moved to the Bay Area to pursue his career as a teacher, musician, composer, and producer.


Tommy Toy


A classically trained multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years of music performance and teaching experience, Tommy has played both professionally and recreationally in a wide variety of ensembles ranging from symphonic orchestra to jazz big band, to R&B / Motown, and rock cover bands. Besides running around the studio teaching, Tommy can also be found running around the local pickle ball courts or hiking the trails of Marin with wife, Emily.

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