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WOW! Membership

If comprehensive weekly lessons with the Bay Area’s best music teachers are the meat and potatoes of the WOW! membership, the numerous included benefits not found elsewhere are the tasty appetizer, delicious side salad, and the dessert to die-for! 

The WOW! Membership

In addition to a weekly lesson, your WOW membership includes:


• Discounts for family members and multiple lessons
• 10% off for 2nd & 3rd family members
• 15% off for 4th + family member
• FREE rock band jam sessions
• FREE members-only classes & workshops
• FREE online video lessons
• FREE members-only WOW community groups
• FREE & discounted instrument maintenance work
• Members-only discounts for exclusive workshops, classes, camps & events
• Members-only performance opportunities at local
professional venues, open mics, community events
• Ex: The Sweetwater, The HopMonk, festivals
• Member discounts on audio recording services
• Annual studio-wide recitals
• Priority scheduling for WOW camps & special events
• Access to a team of vetted, fun, experienced teachers who are also professional musicians

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