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providing the non-profit venue with two enriching community programs

Youth Band Open Mic Nights at the Sweetwater

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February 12, 2023

Several nights a year, WOW! Music Studios hosts Youth Band Open Mic, giving local teen bands an opportunity to play songs on the famous Sweetwater stage in front of a packed house! WOW volunteers time and staff to open up these free shows to the entire local Mill Valley community, and any youth bands are welcome to sign up and perform. This is what is particularly special about our partnership: Both our missions are very closely aligned, which is to provide music education to as many people as we can, in as many ways possible.   


These open mics are very popular and the limited number of performance slots fill quickly. 

Learn More about how to submit your band for the next Open Mic on March 29, 2022.


Watch some fun short videos from recent Band Open Mic Nights at the Sweetwater!

WOW Music Studios

Sweetwater Band Open Mic Night 12/14/21

WOW Music Studios

Sweetwater Band Open Mic Night 09/29/21

Cat Clinic.JPG

Cat Clinic performing on 9/28/21

Broken Royalty.jpeg

Broken Royalty performing on 9/28/21

Not in a band but want to join one? Learn More about WOW! Music Studios’ full-fledged band program. We’ll get you rockin’ on the Sweetwater stage in no time!

Special Needs Music Education at the Sweetwater

The Sweetwater generously provides Mill Valley’s Helix School access to the Sweetwater stage for music lessons and performances, taught by WOW! Music Studios.

Helix and Sweetwater.heic

Helix School students at the Sweetwater